Dead Pixels

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags 334 author:astheoceansblue ghosty unrated
Created 2010-07-05
Last Modified 2010-07-05
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Description (A much cleaner, more episodic version)

An old castle atop a hillside guards the entry way to a system of old tunnels. Within these forgotten passageways lie hidden treasures.

But beware, the old stones of this place remember long past horrors, and whispers of ancient warnings can be heard on the chill winds that blow through their crumbling halls.

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was gonna call this 'cute' again without looking at my previous comment, but I thought i would scroll down just for interests sake. But it really is, there's just something really playful and pleasing about it haha.
Demo Data

Slow demo.

The ghosts in the tiles up top are pretty awesome.
Demo Data

As I said

still and calm is not the only way to do haunted.
And a highway in a graveyard still isnt haunted.


makes absolutely no sense, but thanks anyway.

i liked the ghosts,

but there was far too much movement to feel haunted.
and also the great aesthetics and atmosphere of the map.

i liked this.

I agree with you about the stumble, it's nice. the laser and all of the enemies were good.
Demo Data

Excellent map. The left side ascent is fantastic. Faved.

you know

what would make this sick would be to make a little haunted house in the e-tiles above the map, or the roof/ground floor of one.
I will, I promise! :p

And yes, crescor, my dead pixels thing which is still in the pipe-line.


I love the little ghosts. Didn't you have something like that as your avatar?

loving this

absolutely flawless

Aye, I think so.

I'm not sure who it works exactly, but I obviously won't be judging my own map.

if your a judge

are you still eligible to win?

Alright, well no sweat. :P


Demo Data

cute as!

not superduperduper fun, but quite fun, and really aesthetically nice, everything works well, all round a solid map. 4 and faved.

Thanks guys.

And the stumble bit I kind of like, you can avoid it if you slide in with a little control.




you have pacman ghosts up the top ??


and may I suggest one-ways to bridge that half-tile gap in the floor on the far right? If you place them with a half-tile gap that coincides with the gap in the tiles, the one-ways are hidden in the tiles, but you don't stumble when you run over the gap.

I like this.

Quite a bit. Also, it goes well with Hunting for Witches [] by Bloc Party, especially the trippy beginning (of the song, not the map). Much, much ghostier.
But I can already tell this fits the theme better than your first attempt. Much more ghosty. I'll get back to you once I play it.

nice map

Demo Data


you're good. I thought your first entry was great, but this easily surpasses it.

This ghosty

is better. 4.5^/5