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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue inspired unrated
Created 2010-07-10
Last Modified 2010-07-13
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Description Inspired by the feature.

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The door and the floorguard look good I think. Very atob.

All-golding this was heaps of fun. I think it would be cooler if the door on the bottom left opened the gold chamber near the exit switch, as it has no gold around it .. really I'm looking hard for problems here.

All golded.
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I dig the top section. I didn't have to wait on the drones, dunno what people are talking about.
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Atob, where would it be possible for me to acquire the lyrics to "beats like hours"?
But thats alot of work, so if I don't find anything exceptional about it im not going to say anything. I'm looking at them though :)
:C no one noticed it though.


Fixed the waiting issues slightly.
And I'm going to edit this a little...
I don't know why you used a door with the floor guard though. And it was a little boring waiting for the drones, but not too bad. I thought all three gausses were very fun.


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the floorguard mechanic is cool although i think you should replace the normal door with a 5tile. also, i dislike how the drones got into the exit key chamber. you have to run to the back and hide for a bit which is frustrating. highly effective gauss cancels that out though

Hey man

how's it? This is a pretty noice map, seems different than what you usually do.
Agree with you hooz, but glad fire likes them.


Fun map. I liked the floorgaurd/bounceblock thing, and the gausses were well placed. I was fine with the drones. They added something to it.
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As well as a couple other fun moments here, like dancing with that bottommost gauss. The drones were uninspired and tacked on, and I didn't like having to wait on them.