die down here, my love

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue rated theforestandthefire
Created 2010-08-22
Last Modified 2010-08-22
by 13 people.
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Description The Forest And The Fire []

Our new EP is available for download via iTunes,, and other download sites.


iTunes: buy [] buy []

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Nice map
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Kinda cool, the switch was more of a challenge than I expected :3
(elaborated on my description)
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Cheers dude.

Much appreciated. :)

Also, me and some people checked out your MySpace sample tunes, probably gonna buy your album. Liked "Your Ex-Girlfriend Won The Lottery."

Lame AGD. Beautiful new avatar, atob.
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alright great,

if you can submit the review by the 22nd you're welcome, otherwise, I'll submit something, its a shame though, because you are a much better writer.


Gorgeous text. You should make an alphabet map for it. 5aved.
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Can't wait to buy!

cool map

but I'm excited for the new album, congrats on finishing it, and getting it on itunes
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nice map
good map
roll over map
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you didn't disable ratings! GASP!


i love the album art.


slow AGD:
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I'mmmm watching you...

Slow Control is my fav.

hehe :D AGD

kinda fun map for a short while
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Added another site

There are more, but most will take a while longer to upload (up to 4 weeks).

The list can be found here []


but you should have put in on a site which is less of a rip off ;__;