Mescaline Mesa

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Author Nphasis
Tags author:nphasis drones gauss rated
Created 2014-01-17
Last Modified 2014-01-17
by 5 people.
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Description UFO country

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For some reason this one goes past "pretty good" and into "really good" territory. The quibble I have with this map is that the bottom left, though good to play, seems thematically inconsistent. But whatever, overall, this is really good!
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good map! :) The inner drones were my favourite part. I keep fluctuating between liking the exit key placement and hating it with my entire being haha. Probably means it's good. noice.
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It has adventure, looks superb. Wonderful work!

I liked some areas and the tileset, but overall it felt like the map was fighting against me haha. Still nice though :)
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game's a lot scarier when you're bad at it
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