Future Games

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Author Seneschal
Tags 179imitation action author:seneschal oodles unrated
Created 2014-08-30
Last Modified 2014-08-30
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Description 11th hour oodles entry / onesevennine impersonation

fairly tough

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was that you

eating a tomato on video

where'd you go!?



I love the lack of tiles on this map, I know it sounds weird but this map feels unique
the only issue i have is the production, the guitars sound way too clean. sounds better live imo but that might just be me. catchy hooks and good songwriting overall

i've already heard the reconstruction, yeah. the dude had a spotify playlist i think. i think it would have been better than Pinkerton had it come out, but then again we wouldn't have Pinkerton and i hold that album close to me, so... i dunno

i just

binged on weezer for the past few months, i don't know why. i listen to Blue, Pinkerton, Green (sometimes), and EWBAITE a lot


i listened to Rivers' home demos and the various interpretations made by others of how it would have come out some time ago

forget that demo

here's an agd-1. Maybe I'm not so bad after all...
Demo Data
for the record, I changed my jump key recently, so that's the main reason why this demo is so terrible >.>
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