Swallow Hole

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Author DaggaFork
Tags action author:daggafork minejumper playable rated
Created 2015-07-29
Last Modified 2015-07-30
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description the irony is that had you just waited a little longer the snake would've pooped you out

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MY GAWD. it;'s beautiful


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I like this map.

The gameplay of this map is very nice, because the farther you the output the higher the difficulty.
Only the gold I do not like for some reason.
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great map!
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ur on fire lately


nice to see you're still around, zoasBE!

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Just, I absolutely love it!

The drawing you did with the snake, the magic of it, the subtle reversal in perspective when we arrived at the head, is really an artistic well-done work. Bravo! Gameplay, golds, and everything is superb!

5/5, Dagga!