Shed A Light On Me

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Author Yoke3000
Tags action author:yoke3000 drones jumppads rated rockets tileset
Created 2017-03-18
Last Modified 2017-03-18
by 5 people.
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Description Enjoy. :)

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What a curious map.

Lots of cool things going on.
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i also think the very top drone should be delayed a little bit, it gets to the exit switch slightly too early.

otherwise this map kept me engaged until AGD, well done
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Real nice

Some gold placement, superfluous items and tile shapes make it a bit busy to look at with my eyes, but it actually feels somewhat conservative compared to other maps of yours, and I really like the layout and going through the jumppads. If you continue to strip back those elements I think you might like how things turn out. Some flourishes are cool but they're ultimately not what makes your map great.
on this map, but it's okay because everything looks nice


Clever use of bouncepads!