Bottom up and vice versa

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Author PawerOfficial
Tags action author:pawerofficial drones gauss rocket unrated zap
Created 2018-10-16
Last Modified 2018-10-16
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Map Data

Description At the beginning - you must not fall to the ground. Get to the entrance on the right side and take the key (in a sense, it will be more beneficial), then collect the key at the top paying attention to the rocket. By the way, do not forget to lure drones with an antenna. Unfortunately, you will not lure this without an antenna, so you'll only have to run towards the exit door, paying attention to the drone, which will immediately make a maneuver. The difficulty level of this map is moderately difficult.

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btw, funny profile picture.
The map requires a bit of dexterity.

nice map.

that description tho.
sr close to max.
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