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Author frogs
Tags action author:frogs bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2007-07-05
Last Modified 2010-07-06
by 37 people.
Map Data

Description "Here's the deal; 'Ol Johnson down yonder wants his honey, and boy does he want it bad! Shimmy on in there, but watch out- a sting from one of those little devils and wooowheee! The queen don't often move much, but a sting from that sucker'll do a real number on you. After you got the honey, scadaddle back up on home. And don't you be late boy, or I'll tan your hide!"

This map was featured on 2013-05-08

The "Wanted" section of a local newspaper goes as follows:

Honey collection, beehive assembly, beehive transportation. Must have a strong ability to work with under a strict time schedule and nimble feet. Requires a great ability to work independently and efficiently. Must have an exceptional knowledge on how to collect royal jelly from queen bee cells that will be later used for cosmetic and culinary applications. If you're interested in applying, call 1-800-BEE-SAFE and get in touch with Mr. Frogs to set up an interview to see if you qualify. — 1211

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Demo Data

Okay I packed it in

AGD - loved the theme!
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First go!

I tripped.
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I really like

how clean this is.

fun demo, great map. brilliant slopes
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Demo Data

faster agd

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Demo Data

Proofread by Aidiera. :)

This is excellent.

I love how the drones amass together at the end.

another good one...

Great atmosphere and gameplay. Im working of an AGD demo, I have a feeling i'll be coming back to this map a few times. instant classic.


simple as ever

fun too


This is one of the best maps ever. Srsly.
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the description puts it into context well
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Very good...

Speedy completion

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and looks nice too


Demo Data

let's see

it works a little better now.
somewhat fun.


I'm sorry. My badizzle.

it's the drones


most other maps dont cause this to happen
I respect your maps generally, so Ill try it again.

It lags?

There are hardly any objects in this map. I don't think this map is causing your computer to lag.


like the tiles and the ideas but it just hasnt got much excitement except for the gauss which is more of an annoyance.

4 (mostly for the tiles)
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but it lags up my computer, which is by no means a bad computer. I think that there are too many drones. If you would like to get rid of a drone or two, then my rating will probably go up one or two.


great description aswell


I bitesize. I fave, I 5.

For this is brilliant and perfectly executed. <3

love the tileset and the bees and the way they work at the end.

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