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Talk with me at my Post A Comment [] map.

About me:
I am a 22 year old guy from India. Feel free to add me on Facebook []
I love to give 5 Ninja rating to most of the maps I play. :D
Check out my N Wikia [] page! (thanks to macrohenry []!!)
My dream goal in mapping came true when Repercussion [] got featured.

As a mapper:
I focus on DDA maps only. I have made 17 of them and collaborated in one with 1211. I won the 2013 DDA of the Year Dronies Award [] for It's a Hailstorm! []. I was also nominated in the same category for Repercussion [] and Decaying Dystopia []

As a speedrunner:
I was the first runner-up for the 2013 Player of the Year Dronies Award []
My previous custom title:
I started playing N at the end of 2010. I completed N in May, 2014 and NReality on 11th July, 2014.
Here are all of my 0ths (as of 8th February, 2015):

Level Rankings:
With 33 Level 0ths, I am 5th in Level 0th ranking table [].
I have 500 Level Top-5 Rankings, 835 Level Top-10 Rankings and 939 Level Top-15 Rankings.
With 959 Level Top-20 Rankings, I am 1st in Level Top-20 ranking table [].
Also, I am 1st in Total Level score table []

Episode Rankings:
With 97 Episode 0ths, I am 0th in Episode 0th ranking table [].
I have 198 Episode Top-5 Rankings, 199 Episode Top-10 Rankings and 200 Episode Top-15 Rankings.
With 200 Episode Top-20 Rankings, I am 0th in Ep Top-20 ranking table [].
Also, I am 0th in Total Episode score table []

I used to do levels in Underclock mode. I hold 5th rank in Level 0th ranking table []

Cool guys:
1211 [] (aka trance)
Aidiera [] (aka Aidi)
Armaghan []
blue_rocks [] (aka blue)
deep_blue [] (aka deep)
jirka []
macrohenry [] (aka macro)
Ors_II [] (aka Ors)
RedSpartan [] (now 123leonidas321 []) (aka leo)
ska []
Vanquish [] (earlier R3D_N1NJ4 []) (aka Reddy)
zoasBE [] (aka zoas)

Feature worthy maps:
Groovilicious [] CTRDDA

My best maps:
It's a Hailstorm! [] PSCTRDDA
Enter The Dragon [] HLCTRDDA
Chasing Three Tails [] 3-way CTRDDA
Shattered Diamond [] CTRDDA
Hurricane Thwumpina!! [] KRADDA
Groovilicious [] CTRDDA
Repercussion [] HRCTRDDA
Please Don't Tease The Little Rocket [] CTRDDA

Deds to me:
A Big Bundle Of Dedications [] by StreetsAhead []
100th Map! 2.5-Way KRADDA! Dedications! [] by 123leonidas321 []
copy [] by Wizard2 []
Column Life [] by blue_rocks []
41-4: Three free treehouses [] by deep_blue []
It's Electric - 02 [] by sayko []
Redeemer [] by 1211 []
kanye west's new album cover [] by 29403 []
Dedicated to mohit Ghune [] by Armaghan []
Deceptive Challenge [] by Armaghan []
Evil Droniac's Station [] by Ors_II []
A friendly and speedy indian Gamer [] by the23 []
Triangle Tangle [] by Fraxtil []

Mentioned in the profiles of:
deep_blue []
123leonidas321 []
Ors_II []
Vanquish [] (earlier R3D_N1NJ4 [])
Armaghan_Ali []
1211 []

My other accounts:
WaffleSoup [] : a collab account created by my good friend leo

My collabs:
Decaying Dystopia [] with 1211 []

Other stuff:
My Userbar []:

Thanks to leo []!!

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