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Hi, welcome to my profile! :)

About me:
I'm Yoke3000 in Nv2 Yoke300. I am 17 years old and I'm from Germany and my birthday is on april, the 28th. I play N-Game since 2007, but I played for many years offline. In 2009 I created my first account, called '' kako98 ''. What a stupid name, but no matter.

Some maps that I very proud of: [] - Dead Fish (fishbones) [] - Anime Person (N-Art) [] - Hand puppets [] - The forest [] - White christmas. [] -The temple of Maya. [] - grid [] slight bulge

My personal favorite map makers:
lsudny []
lfaber []
deep_blue []
Pheidippides []
sabk []
SpartaX18 []
Andrew_99 []
script []

2015.05.30 - Yeah, I got my first featured map! Thank you very much script! <3
2015.05.31 - I created 50 maps
2016.12.11 - I got my second featured map. Thank you very much mahi_mahi! <3
2017.01.20 - I got 12 maps with unread comments. Thanks for all the AGD's Firetamer2 :DD

2017.02.08 - I've been on NUMA for three years.
2017.04.10 - I created 100 maps.

Prehistoric - Collab with Axmyr: []
Trinity - Collab with Vanquish: []
Strategy Tunnels - Collab with V3L0C1T4: []
Camouflage killer - Collab with V3L0C1T4: []

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Abandoned Inside Of The Sun Honeybee (fix) Great Barrier Reef Holes Piping