Featured Map: 127-3: Halfback Quarterback by cucumber_boy

Thumbnail of the map '127-3: Halfback Quarterback'

It's got 274 E tiles, 42 pieces of gold, 35 mines, 8 3S tiles, 7 3A tiles, 6 3W tiles, 6 exits, 2 5A tiles, 2 7S tiles, 2 7W tiles, 1 2A tile, 1 2S tile, 1 3Q tile, 1 4W tile, 1 6S tile, 1 6W tile, 1 key and 1 ninja. Though I've listed them in descending quantities, they all have equal qualities. For a map to be perfect, each individual component needs to be perfect on its own. — DaggaFork

NUMACon: Hunger

With spring in full swing (except for our Australian users) and five months of NUMACon-less shame under our belt, we've decided it's time for another contest! This time you've got to create a map with food inspiration! Tag your maps with hunger [] to enter!

Maps must actually visualize some type of food or drink, and not just be a map named after a food. A smooth map isn't food related just because it plays as smooth as butter.

Each person can enter 5 maps. Deadline is May 21st. PM/map message us to judge.

Have fun!
Dagga + Sunset

NUMACon: Disguise Results and Spooked Poll!

Disguise Results:

Results for Disguise are available here []. Congratulations to Aidiera for winning with his map Holocrux []! Thanks for mapping, everyone!

Spooked Poll:

Vote on your favourite spooked maps! The poll is available here []! You can choose your top three, and all the maps are available in the post as well as here [].

All the best,

NUMACon: Spooked! and Disguise Voting

1. NewmaCon

This Halloween NUMACon is a spooky one! Scary maps can be posted between October 14 and November 11, and must be tagged with spooked []. Happy Halloween, and spooky mapping!

2. Voting, judging, or voting again

If you'd like to vote for Disguise winners, visit the forum page here. [] The winners will be announced at the end of this month. Thanks to everyone who participated, feel free to vote for your own maps.

If you'd like to judge for Spooked! send me a message on the forums or one of my maps. Otherwise, we will have another vote!

Thanks, everyone

NUMACon: Disguise

This NUMACon is called Disguise. You must create a map that looks like a map it absolutely isn’t. Every genre of map has a unique look that by simply looking at a map allows you to distinguish what it is, your goal here is to fool the eye into guessing the wrong type of map. For example, you could create a tough and technical action map disguised as a DDA, or a survival map disguised as a race. To enter the contest, submit your maps with the tag disguise []. Every mapper can post up to 5 of maps! Happy mapping!
Posting Dates: 9/7/2016 to 10/7/2016 -- just in time for halloween!

Future judges, please PM me on the forums or post on a map of mine.


NUMACon: Part Two Results

The map telegas [] by blacklef [] has won this NUMACon! Congratulations blacklef, and thank you to everyone who participated. The next NUMACon will arrive shortly!


NUMA renovations and community Github

Hey folks, couple announcements!

My brother and I started some work on the site this weekend; y'all should be able to update your avatars now. If not, um, leave me an angry comment.

For the reviewers: The review queue should be functional again, but we won't know for sure until there's actually some reviews backed up. So please, go write some reviews!

We also established a community Github [] organization, and have the site's source code [] up. If you have a Github account, feel free to submit issues, or hop in and join the fun! The more the merrier; just let me know if you'd like to join the organization. (If you don't have a Github account, go ahead and leave feedback and renovation proposals on Sunset's post [] until we get something else put together.)

We would also love to see other N-related projects included in the Github organization, so if you've built any of the awesome programs/utilities floating around (or happen to have their source on hand), please put them up!


Update #1

Hi, if you haven't already tried, you can edit your avatars now. And, for reviewers, Upcoming Features is also fixed. This is thanks to Tempus_Fugit [] and his brother, who will be doing long-awaited renovations to the site and getting it running 100% once again.

There will be some more updates in due time, but we simply need some time to review some of the more major problems (modqueue, downtime, etc etc).

Also, because I didn't imply it in the previous news post, if you feel that you have posted enough to warrant a custom title or a custom title change/addition, you need only comment on this map [] and I will see if there is anything to be done.



Regarding the (lack of) activity of the site

For the past month, we have averaged about ~.89 maps a day. It is clear to everyone that still bothers to go on this site that the activity has dwindled to a low point, only rivaled by times when the site was frequently down for over-activity. If activity continues in the pattern of the past few years, the site will be in a state of virtual comatose, only kept alive by the fact that Arachnid hasn't pulled the plug on us just yet.

Because of this, I will allow one of the major rules on the site to be broken, if only temporary and within reason: frequency of posts. I will allow users to post as frequently as they want to, within the reasoning of not flooding the hot maps page and not, whether purposefully or unpurposefully, pushing other users' maps off the hot maps page. I trust the users on the site to intrinsically understand what I mean and to be mindful of others on the website.

Secondly, I will attempt an experiment. To give users further reason to post, I will be giving out custom titles to users that have been noticeably active on the site, whether through commenting or posting maps. Because a lot of us have custom titles already, I will allow users two options with this experiment. The first is to make a completely new custom title for them, and the second is to add a title on with a comma (ex., say your custom title is "Captain Obvious", and you want to add "Admiral Oblivious" to it. It will appear as, "Captain Obvious, Admiral Oblivious", with the title separated by a comma.)

Thirdly, I will be taking user criticism on this post [] to see what users think about these changes to the site, and to any changes at all.

Thank you,
- Sunset.

Hellidays Results

The results are in! Congratulations to this NUMACon's three winners!

1. Christmas Day for Adrenaline Junkies [] by lifdoff
2. Hell's Bells [] by script
3. Santa's Workshop [] by NachoCheese

Thanks to all that participated and to Tempus for judging. Now everybody can go and make maps for parttwo. :^)


NUMACon: Part Two

I know that the Hellidays maps haven't been judged yet, but that's because I am currently travelling and unable to spend much time sorting it out. However, I am working on it and the results will come. For now, I thought we could stack up my duties with another contest to judge!

NUMACon: Part Two
This NUMACon is called Part Two. You must create a map that is a sequel to another map, it may help if the chosen map is well known. Your goal is to have your map resemble the other map’s style, concepts, and visuals without copying them exactly. Post your maps with the tag ‘parttwo’ to enter them into the contest. Every mapper can post up to 3 maps! Happy mapping!
Posting Dates: April 12 to June 1