cold wind blows

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Author The-Riot
Tags action author:the-riot collab cotcg rated riot riot-collab
Created 2010-07-09
Last Modified 2010-07-09
by 17 people.
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Description we're here to win.


script > Radium > script > 179 > Radium > script

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You guys did a really good job. The launchpads at the bottom were brilliant. My only complaint is that the chaingun isn't very well utilised.
did you just see how he implied our map was, like, something you would make if you wanted to lose? man. so cool.
If you want to come last that is.

disliked the gold, but the rest is really too much fun. great work, guys.


an easier version [] for all you un-hard (soft)-core players

this is cool

I agree with yahoozy however. putting that 5 tile there doesn't compromise the aesthetics at all.
i guess i'm off.

one among you will shortly perish


I hardly think that the aesthetics would be compromised. It would make it play better if there was a little more to walljump off.
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can the next riot map be a race please?:D
and then I played it and then i was all "whoooooaaa, that's slick."


Fantastic launchpads. I loved the flow in this map. Getting the keys was pretty easy too. What I did not like was getting back into the starting room. Mine + gauss + sometimes rocket = :(
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This map isn't that hard. Go play a Radium map, people.

Getting a demo soon.

I thought that jump

getting out of the second switch area was too difficult. The slope plus the mines added up.


I love the use of launchpads in this map. I especially like getting the first switch, which I don't think is too difficult at all (if it's done right). Very fun map.


you obviously lack the skill to play this map.

Yahoozy, the key is extremely easy to get if you hit the right edge of the launchpad. if we brought the oneway down, the aesthetics would be compromised.

Very hard.

I cannot complete it, let alone get past the turret. I'm sorry, but it doesn't fit me. 3.
for that first switch to be so irritating to get. You should bring down that one-way completely out of the tile, or place a 2 tile at the end of that 6 tile.


I love the use of launchpads in this. Some parts could have been smoothed out a bit, but I liked the concepts here. Nice job. I hope you win riot dudes.
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