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Featured map for 2019-03-21: daffodil complex by Barabajagal

Thumbnail of the map 'daffodil complex'

(Author’s note: This is my favorite of Barabajagal’s levels.)

You’ll notice slowly the attentiveness of this minefield. This area is sectioned off, this jump has been clearly defined, my first decision is actually very important. It unfolds like many petals, flowers reaching desperately out of concrete slabs. Suddenly the level’s name has been given a descriptive quality, and, though it doesn’t display this image in such literal terms, platforms like small scenes in the background, tiny movements of floor guards in the boundaries cement the map as a natural occurrence. A little, real world—a platonic ideal of level design. — Yahoozy

Featured map for 2019-03-08: Progression of a Dream by tempaccount

Thumbnail of the map 'Progression of a Dream'

I took a quick step off the beaten path and ended up a million miles from home. My jaw fell slack as dreams melted into reality; I laughed, and set out in childlike wonder to explore the unknown, finding charm in its every corner. The walls were so strong here, the turrets so drowsy! The clouds themselves seemed to sing with joy.

Was I meant to be here? Was there a "here" in the first place? I did not know and did not ask. I'd been gifted a miracle, and such speculation was vulgar at best. — Tempus_Fugit

Featured map for 2019-02-27: ..mercy's eyes are blue... by mintnut

Thumbnail of the map '..mercy's eyes are blue...'

When I say mintnut is cool [], that is a complete understatement. It's difficult to think back on the friends I had here and I often wonder what they're doing these days. Instead, I will look back on what they have done. When I look at a mintnut map with these blue eyes, it reminds me that no one really holds a candle to them. This one in particular is gorgeous and feels so well polished you'll think you can see your reflection in it. Have fun floating around in it for a spell. — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2019-02-18: Isfahan by bonzai

Thumbnail of the map 'Isfahan'

bonzai has already written a review for Isfahan, but let me elaborate more on their description. From the outset it feels comfortable (though difficult) and builds from there, taking you on a counter-clockwise journey, pretending that it will continue in that direction. Many maps tend to have a difficulty spike, but Isfahan shows what it means to have a difficulty curve. Each section demands slightly more from you until the culmination of a well-timed jump that takes you to victory. Just be careful of the drones... I found it pays to be patient and plan ahead before taking them head-on. — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2019-02-15: Minejumper by -Jol-

Thumbnail of the map 'Minejumper'

Of the 8 types of enemies in N, none is more deadly than the mine. It is simple, unmoving, unyielding. It makes sense, then, that an entire genre of maps, known as 'mine jumpers', would have you avoiding coming into contact with an enemy type that requires you to run into it. This aptly named map keeps things simple, trading the classic cramped, precision jumping for a more aerial approach to this kind of map. While it may seem daunting at first, the jumps remain relatively similar, meaning you'll be soaring for the hard-to-reach gold in no time. — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2019-02-12: Hobbes by im_bad_at_N

Thumbnail of the map 'Hobbes'

It's been a long time since I've seen someone who has the dedication and patience for creating N art. I stumbled across a forum page once which listed different combinations of objects and how far apart they need to be spaced to create different colors and shades once the image is compressed on NUMA. I particularly like this N art because I grew up reading Calvin and Hobbes. I feel im_bad_at_N took their time getting the coloring and pose correct to do this character justice. There are many other pieces of N art. I encourage you to check them out. — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2019-02-09: Erik the Reptile by flagmyidol

Thumbnail of the map 'Erik the Reptile'

A retile is a special type of collaboration that takes more explaining than I can fit into this feature. [] It is a simple concept, however, that is much more difficult to execute than one would think. Many maps are made fluidly, with tiles and objects changing together. The rigidity of retiling allows an author to flex their skills and find innovations they would not have thought of before. I'm not sure that flagmyidol found any new ideas in this map but the way it plays feels like it could have been an original. Speaking of originals... [] — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2019-02-04: the Blue Danube by rocket_thumped

Thumbnail of the map 'the Blue Danube'

It's hard to come across a good prisoner-style map but here is one that asks you one simple question: "How badly do you want to escape?" Contrary to the genre, this map doesn't take prisoners. If you're not ready to think ahead, make a run for it, and take a leap of faith at just the right moment, you'll be dead on the yard before you know it. But if you have trouble figuring it out on your own, prior inmates have posted demonstrations on how to escape. Good luck! — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2019-02-01: Playing Chicken with the Sun by XY

Thumbnail of the map 'Playing Chicken with the Sun'

The sun, our humble destination. Within its tentacles of plasma hides the keys to your escape from this hellish atmosphere and the source of your eventual death. The core of this celestial giant holds something sought after by most ninja but it is incredibly dangerous. One false move and you'll be torn apart and become fuel for thermonuclear fusion. Ironically, you'll probably be ejected as gold in billions of years when the sun dies. I guess that's what they call the circle of life. — origami_alligator

Featured map for 2019-01-29: Bandit by krusch

Thumbnail of the map 'Bandit'

When the creators of N allowed us to go wild with the map editor, I don’t think they realised how diverse and interesting the maps created by the community would become. This map should be immediately recognisable to anyone who played the survival genre. The challenge presented by krusch was to tempt players who wouldn’t normally try their hand at glory, but this presents a real challenge and a good teaching moment. Manipulating rockets can be a difficult thing to learn and this one gives the opportunity to learn how to do it for as long as you can survive. — origami_alligator

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